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The Full Story

How We Started

Go Hard For God Daily (GHFGD) is a brand that desires to glorify Yahweh with creative gifts and display the lifestyle of a believer through apparel and media. GHFGD was launched in September of 2021 with all intentions doing more than just selling apparel. Our CEO and Founder Kirby Love is a follower of Christ, Influencer, Artist and Creative Director. His desire for expansion and ability to reach more people is the reason GHFGD became it's own brand after initially only being under Kirby's personal name and apparel.​ We are aware of the constant culture changes and wanted to also create spaces and opportunity to continue pushing the Gospel and influencing the world.

Our tagline is: It's a lifestyle.

Our slogans are:

"Our apparel may be on you, but what's in you is more important." and "Display the life of a Believer."

This means that we are very appreciative of everyone who supports us by purchasing product that is produced through us. However, we desire that the Spirit of the Living God be in you and fuels your daily life.


What does it mean or look like to Go Hard For God Daily?

The Lifestyle 

To Go Hard For God Daily means that our day to day life should reflect the life of Christ regardless of the place we are in our lives. The more we exercise the laws/commandments of God, the more it becomes our norm in every aspect of our life. When something becomes a thing that you do without thinking about it, it has become a part of your lifestyle.

What are ways to Go Hard For God Daily?

Practical Living

Here are a few ways to have a practical Christian Lifestyle

Every single day is another opportunity to put your best foot forward for the glory of God.

Obedience to God should override the fatigue or lack of enthusiasm we have to do a thing.

Just as God has given us grace, we too should be grace givers with the understanding that we all make mistakes.

God has not called us to be alone. This means we need to learn how to collaborate with others in the body and not be in competition.

 1 John 3:16-19

Philippians 4:4-7

Ephesians 4:15 & Ephesians 4:31

We encourage you to read your Bible daily and learn more ways to live a Godly life.



Our mission is to reach, inspire and impact people from all walks of life with apparel and through media; to be the change and the light that God's people need in the Earth.


Our vision is to be a resource for communities and organizations. We have a strong desire to give back through funding and partnering with others to build and create atmospheres for many to experience the power of God in their lives. Our vision also includes providing job opportunities in the future for others to experience what God in business really looks like; where we will always put people over profits and create an environment that it's joyful to labor in.

Image by Joel Muniz
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